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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

TWW # 002: SITH Analysis

It's the second episode! We begin with a look at a recent high-performing Vader/Raider deck in "Are These The Cards You're Looking For?" Check out a decklist link below.

Next up, we bring you a way of looking at the decks that you put together - move over SWOT analysis, it's time for SITH analysis. First, we apply it to a known deck like Jango/Veers; then, we theorycraft a bit with a Veers/2 Nightsister deck just for fun and run it through the SITH machine and see what sticks. 

Here's the link for our mulligan segment:

Here's the link for the deck that we built for the feature topic: 

If that link doesn't work in your podcatcher, you can also find it at our website, noted below.

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