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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

TWW # 0.5: It's Time To (Re)Start

Welcome to the brand-new Star Wars Destiny podcast, brought to you by the same people behind The Reserve Pool!

This is truly the holonet sensation that is sweeping the nation. In this special introductory episode, Dave and Jon will share with you a little bit about themselves, what the podcast is going to be like (so that you aren't all confused) and talk about some of the elements that you can expect to see on the website.

Here is the decklist that the duo discussed during "Are These The Cards You're Looking For?":

If that link doesn't work in your podcatcher, you can also find it at our website, noted below.

Make sure to check us out at and send an email to to keep in touch! You can also find us on Facebook and on Twitter @WealthyWampa.

Thanks for listening! We'll see you with Episode One the Wednesday after most podcatchers pick up this episode - and we promise, it will be better than some of the other Episode Ones that you might have heard of. At least, there will be no Jar Jar. That much we can promise.

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